Retired Shih Tzu



Cocktail’s Admiral Beefeater




Dirty Martini


Cocktail’s Captain Louie


Cocktail’s Johnnie Walker
IMG_1431 IMG_4571 IMG_1508


Cocktail’s Mojito
IMG_4963 mojo 10 mojo 6


Cocktail’s Zultry Zoe


Cute Zoey copy IMG_1247 Perfect s,z

Cocktail’s Shot in the Dark
In memory of our precious


Malibu 075 Malibu 081 Terris Iphone Pictures!!!! 301


Cocktail’s Frangelico
IMG_4623 IMG_0931 IMG_5778


Cocktail’s Mr. Bartender
Born here, Frannie/Johnny son
IMG_4631_1 IMG_4664_1 IMG_4671_1


Cocktail’s McKenzie Rye Wiskey
IMG_0626 IMG_0704 attachment (3)


Cocktail’s Barfly


Missy Boogie babies Buzz 1 6 115. .Buzz with toy Buzz boy


Cocktail’s Bahama Mama
IMG_1403_1 IMG_1418_1 IMG_1406


Sweet and Sassy’s Got Some Change In My Pocket


IMG_1880 IMG_1856 copy IMG_1788


Cocktail’s Tiramisu


IMG_1584 90CDFCC8-E458-481F-B20E-0894509E5262 FullSizeRender (12)


Cocktail’s Caribou Boogalou
Born here, Kenzie/Johnnie daughter
IMG_4288 Boogie IMG_4310


Cocktail’s One Too Many
IMG_1222 IMG_1122 IMG_1132

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